"Results of our clients."


Evan Stienstra

What has impressed me most about Loran is his transparency. He shares his own mistakes and life insights which immediately give you a familiar feeling. He’s not afraid to confront you, even if it’s not always easy to hear. He is not your friend, he is your coach and he will always act as such. He will push you to take action and make sure you don’t let yourself down. If you do, you definitely gonna hear it. In a hard and direct good way.

Guido van Weeren

Loran, as a business coach and man, is the real deal. He is honest, in the way he gives feedback to you as well as in what he stands for in life. His values are crystal clear. As a coach, he is using quality questions to keep you on track. One of the best aspects of his coaching for me is that he always tells me to keep focused on doing the basic things in the best way. I learn to make choices in all the possibilities I have as an entrepreneur. What the world needs brings value and value is something that always gives back. So, if you are looking for more value in your company, Loran Vrielink, as a business coach is the one to go to.

Any Question?

Any Question?