"Be accountable for your own goals."

Accountability group

The weekly Monday morning online accountability group led by Loran Vrielink (Coach) consists of the Fundamental model that you will work on. Loran will discuss one fundamental per week and you can ask questions during this group.

With motivated like-minded people, you are held accountable for your behaviour. Do you want to face your problems, struggles and successes? Reflect every week on what you want to achieve in life or business. Achieve all your goals whilst you are conscious about it!

During the accountability group ‘Life’, you will focus on personal growth by reflecting and getting feedback on your behaviour to achieve all your life goals.

At the accountability group ‘Business’, you will work with like-minded entrepreneurs to start, build or develop your business by solving problems, how to set goals and achieve those.

    Value of accountability

    Less procrastination

    Regular moment to get conscious of your own behaviour

    Learning from other accountability group members

    Regular moment to reflect on your goals and actions

    Get triggered to analyze your goals and set up sustainable and realistic action plans

    Connected with like-minded people who also will achieve their life or business goals

    A proven model that works to achieve all your goals

    Any Question?

    Any Question?